Business & Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Dream Makers 99 is a Conservatory of Business & Entrepreneurship, which provides a provocative and innovative approach to training business minded people that desire to expand their existing business, start a new business venture or broaden their horizons by creating wealth through business and sales productivity.

Dr. Mikel Brown believes that Dream Makers 99 was a God-inspired concept to facilitate others on the mechanics of how to achieve their dream. Connection is engendered for those who are seeking insight into effective and profitable entrepreneurship endeavors. He has first-hand experience on how challenging it can be to have a dream and not know how to fulfill it. “It´s like traveling on a road with no signs, thus leaving you with apprehension and frustration.” says Dr. Brown. Now there is a way that you can join a family of like-minded people whose dream is more than just a dream…it´s a reality.

People that are highly successful in business have learned how to create opportunities that may not immediately be available to others. With the knowledge to recognize these hidden possibilities, they have been able to create greater wealth and financial independence for themselves. The aim of Dream Makers 99 is to train the entrepreneur, business or sales person to produce more wealth, fund charitable endeavors and provide employment for others.

Our endeavor is to tutor and foster the entrepreneurial spirit within each DM99 business associate to become more productive and effective for their church, community, and nation. Demonstrating to people how to conduct themselves in business and how you perform on the grand platform of business and life, will depend solely on the knowledge imparted to you.